The Kartvelologist

The Kartvelologist” is a bilingual (Georgian and English) peer-reviewed, academic journal, covering all spheres of Kartvelological scholarship. Along with introducing scholarly novelties in Georgian Studies, it aims at popularization of essays of Georgian researchers on the international level and diffusion of foreign Kartvelological scholarship in Georgian scholarly circles.

“The Kartvelologist” issues both in printed and electronic form. In 1993-2009 it came out only in printed form (#1-15). The publisher is the “Centre for Kartvelian Studies” (TSU), financially supported by the “Fund of the Kartvelological School”. In 2011-2013 the journal is financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Grammatical Category of Version in Georgian and “Conjugation Prefixes” in Sumerian: A Contrastive Analysis

In the article, semantics, syntactic functions, and morphological marking of the markers of the grammatical category of version in Georgian and of the so-called “conjugation prefixes” in Sumerian are described, analyzed, and contrasted with each other according to different syntactic frameworks. The results are valuable for functional typology.

keywords:The Georgian language, the Sumerian language, the passive voice, the middle voice, applicative, locative, reflexive, syntactic functions Category: SCHOLARLY STUDIES Authors: Zurab Baratishvili