The Kartvelologist

The Kartvelologist” is a bilingual (Georgian and English) peer-reviewed, academic journal, covering all spheres of Kartvelological scholarship. Along with introducing scholarly novelties in Georgian Studies, it aims at popularization of essays of Georgian researchers on the international level and diffusion of foreign Kartvelological scholarship in Georgian scholarly circles.

“The Kartvelologist” issues both in printed and electronic form. In 1993-2009 it came out only in printed form (#1-15). The publisher is the “Centre for Kartvelian Studies” (TSU), financially supported by the “Fund of the Kartvelological School”. In 2011-2013 the journal is financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Editorial Council


The Editorial Board: The foreign authors, together with their Georgian colleagues, are members of the Editorial Board of The Kartvelologist, taking an active part in shaping the scholarly style and form of the journal, authors of papers, occasionally reviewers of papers to be published, and popularizers in their home countries and scholarly centres of topics of Georgian Studies.

Editor-in-Chief: Elguja Khintibidze;

Bakhtadze, Michael (History) – Georgia;
Beynen, Bert (Rustvelology) - Philadelphia, USA;
Boeder, Winfried (Linguistics) – Germany;
Buachidze, Gaston (Kartvelology) – France;
Chikhladze, Nino (History of Georgian Art) – Georgia;
Chotiwary-Jünger, Steffi (Georgian literature) – Germany;
Doborjginidze, Nino (Linguistics) – Georgia;
Enoch, Reuven (The Georgian language, Georgian-Hebrew cultural contacts) – Israel; Fähnrich, Heinz (Georgian linguistics) – Germany;
Kojima, Iasuhiro (Kartvelian languages) – Japan;
Kudava, Buba (Study of Manuscripts) – Georgia;
Licheli, Vakhtang (Archaeology) – Georgia;
Magarotto, Luigi (Georgian literature) – Italy;
Melikishvili, Damana (The Georgian language) – Georgia;
Nikoleishvili, Avtandil (Georgian literature) – Georgia;
Nocun, Przemyslaw (Archaeology) – Poland;
Outtier, Bernard (Medieval Studies) – France;
Ratiani, Irma (Literary criticism) – Georgia;
Shurgaia, Gaga (Georgian literature) – Italy;
Sikharulidze, Ketevan (Folklore) – Georgia;
Tuite, Kevin (Ethnography and folklore) - Canada

Each issue of the journal is prepared and published by the editorial staff: Khintibidze Elguja; Manana Rusieshvili, Melikidze Tako, Javakhadze Irina, Guliashvili Sophio, Vardosanidze Tsira, Irma Makaradze.

In some cases the Editorial Board, the staff and the reviewers do not share the stylistic peculiarities and the views expressed in the papers published.