The Kartvelologist

The Kartvelologist” is a bilingual (Georgian and English) peer-reviewed, academic journal, covering all spheres of Kartvelological scholarship. Along with introducing scholarly novelties in Georgian Studies, it aims at popularization of essays of Georgian researchers on the international level and diffusion of foreign Kartvelological scholarship in Georgian scholarly circles.

“The Kartvelologist” issues both in printed and electronic form. In 1993-2009 it came out only in printed form (#1-15). The publisher is the “Centre for Kartvelian Studies” (TSU), financially supported by the “Fund of the Kartvelological School”. In 2011-2013 the journal is financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Heinz Fähnrich


Heinz Fähnrich was born in 1941, in the German village of Hamer. In 1960-1965 Fähnrich studied at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, specializing in Caucasian Studies. From 1967 Fähnrich was engaged in doctoral studies at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University under the supervision of Professor Akaki Shanidze. Fähnrich defended his doctoral thesis in 1965 at the University of Jena. In 1969 he was awarded the degree of Candidate of Sciences.


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Katharine Vivian (1217-2010)


KVThe name of the well-known British Kartvelologist of the twentieth century Katharine Vivian today belongs to history. Beginning with the 1970s her contacts with Georgians were very close, enjoying high respect. She took up with honour the work of her predecessor Marjory Wardrop, shouldering the translation and study of landmarks of Georgian literature into English. Her activity contributed much to the process of integrating Georgian culture into European space.

Katharine Vivian was born in October 1917. In 1939 she married Anthony Ashton, who later became a well-known statesman. Katharine graduated from Sorbonne University, majoring in French civilization. Initially, she took up journalism. During World War Two she served at the Belgian Embassy in London. After the War she continued her studies in French and English literature and philosophy.

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Anthology of Georgian Poetry in French


Kathrine Vivian, an English Kartvelologist, translator of The Man in the Panther Skin and a long term friend of the journal Kartvelologist, published the following article in 1982 in the Revue des Etudes Georgiennes et auasiennes (N 1). I found the manuscript of the Georgian translation of the article (made by Rusudan Tsuladze), and edited by the late scholar Akaki Khintibidze, in the files of materials now being prepared to be sent to the Archive. Obviously, the translation was not published at that time.  Akaki Khintibidze, a famous researcher of Georgian versification systems, was ultimately interested in this article due to Kathrine Vivian's remarks regarding the peculiarities of Georgian versification and its relationships with the French and English versification systems.  As well as these valuable remarks this article is extremely important regarding the references by Kathrine Vivian to hidden depths and nuances typical of Georgian poetry as well as those regarding the delimitation of the deep originality of verses by Akaki Tsereteli, Vaja Pshavela, Galaktion Tabidze, Giorgi Leonidze, Irakli Abashidze and Valirian Gaprindashvili.

I believe it is highly advisable to attract the attention of both Georgian and English speaking researchers to these remarks, valuable for the theory of literary studies, made by an English intellectual, translator and Kartveleologist.


keywords:Georgian rhyme, Akaki Khintibidze, Sergi Tsuladze, Connaissance de Roustaveli Category: KARTVELOLOGISTS Authors: Katharine Vivian